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Benefits Of Hiring a Ready-Mix Concrete Pumping Truck

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Benefits Of Hiring a Ready-Mix Concrete Pumping Truck

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Throughout history, despite the constant upheaval of wars, colonialization, coups, or natural calamities, the construction industry, maintaining its steady expansion, has always been the golden goose. It is hardly surprising given that humans have always been devoted to the construction of infrastructure, whether it is to satisfy the primitive need for shelter or to satisfy their unswerving drive for glory. This resilient expansion of the construction business spanning several millennia has been possible due to the strength, adaptability, durability, and reflectivity of concrete. As the construction sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, ready mix concrete or RMC has been the most prevalent type of concrete worldwide. 

For the construction industry’s exponential growth, the inclusion of cutting-edge technologies is a major contributing factor. Increasingly, construction companies are embracing technological advancements to increase their accuracy and productivity. The latest developments in various construction procedures are more effective and user-friendly than they have ever been. Concrete pumping trucks being implemented on construction projects, for example, are a reflection of how technology has revolutionized the entire construction landscape. The days of pouring concrete straight from the mixer truck or wheelbarrowing it across the site are long gone. To overcome the challenges with traditional methods of concrete pouring, such as using cranes for lifting large buckets full of concrete, the automated pumping system was invented. Hire a concrete pumping truck instead, which is the most practical solution for any sort of construction project.

Rising Popularity of Concrete Pumping Trucks

Concrete pumping trucks are one of the most significant components of any construction site. Basically, a concrete pump is used to convey liquid ready mix concrete from containers to the site of construction, where it needs to be filled with. They are well-known in recent times for transferring huge amounts of ready mix concrete swiftly, making them perfect for major building projects as well as small projects too. Concrete pumps are typically two types: the boom pump and the line pump. Both of the concrete pumps require trucks to be carried to the site of construction, so the prerequisite of a concrete pumping truck is inseparable in this case. 

Concrete pumping is becoming increasingly common, and the demand for pumping trucks is growing proportionally. The business is booming for mobile concrete pumps as the sector has expanded 14 percent in the last two decades, according to Trucking Info’s analysis. A total of 34% of all the concrete poured into sites across the globe is poured by employing concrete pumping trucks. Concrete truck-mounted pumps accounted for 20% of similar operations just two decades ago. Pumping concrete is a $1.75 billion industry. By 2021, it was predicted to have grown by approximately 25%. Concrete pumping is without a doubt the greatest alternative for speedy and quality concrete placement as well as a wider reach. Furthermore, because the operation of pumping is done automatically, utilizing concrete pumping trucks reduces the cost of labor. It’s no surprise, then, that the pumping industry is booming in this period of infrastructure development.

Benefits of Concrete Pumping Truck

Pour concrete into tricky and inaccessible areas 

In any construction project, there may be certain sections inaccessible by manual methods like using buckets and cranes or wheelbarrows. Moreover, a direct pouring approach from a concrete mixer truck is ineffective in projects involving tall buildings or in locations distant from the road, usually in cities or residential areas. To solve these difficult-to-reach situations, concrete pumping trucks are the best solution to go for. A concrete pumping truck can be placed anywhere around the specified site, and the pump hose can be moved in any direction for the precise placement of the specific amount of ready mix concrete. The innovative remote-control technology enables the operator to maneuver the pump around a corner, through a hallway, or even upstairs.

Concrete pumps are available in a variety of sizes, considering how the height of a high-rise structure may vary from project to project. The length of the boom pump on a truck may range from 50 feet to 200 feet. If necessary, you may pour concrete up to a height of 200 feet using this pump. Because of the long arm, it can easily pass over or under trees and electrical wires that would otherwise block its path. Furthermore, sites, where concrete has to be placed over a water channel might benefit from this method since alternative options and transportation techniques are not feasible in this scenario. 

Cutting down on extra labor costs

Finding skilled workers is like searching for a needle in the haystack in today’s economy, which is why labor shortages are becoming more frequent in construction projects. Concrete pumping trucks can be an attractive solution in this situation since they reduce the amount of handling necessary, as concrete can be poured directly at the desired location, avoiding the need for labor to physically carry concrete batches. Since you’ll be hiring fewer people, you won’t have to give them a large salary saving you a lot of money. Furthermore, by eliminating the need to barrow concrete between the ready-mix truck and the construction site, your crew will be freed up to concentrate on other tasks.

Faster concrete placement

Getting things done on time is critical for any construction project, and the use of concrete pumps may speed up the activities considerably. And that’s only one of the many reasons why you should hire a concrete pumping truck. This is due to the fact that, with concrete pumps, placement of ready mix concrete becomes easier and quicker, allowing you to easily meet any tight deadline without compromising on the construction quality. Additionally, the hassle of loading ready mix concrete onto wheelbarrows or buckets and then physically pouring it throughout a construction site can also be avoided. In this way, the concrete can be delivered more quickly from the source to the area where it will be poured.

Improved pouring capacity

With the most up-to-date pumping apparatus, the concrete pumps are capable of delivering a greater amount of concrete at a faster rate.  You cannot pour the same amount of concrete in the same amount of time using wheelbarrows, buckets, or mixer trucks. Continuous delivery of ready mix concrete without any interruption is made possible by the automated pumping mechanism mounted on a concrete pumping truck. Because a greater amount of concrete is being delivered every hour, the project will be finished in less time.

Higher accuracy and a steady flow in the pouring

In the construction industry, accuracy and precision are two of the most sought-after qualities by construction managers. No other technique of pouring the concrete can attain the same precision as a concrete pumping truck if you need to get concrete to a very particular location of your construction site. In complicated situations like high-rise buildings, this is especially true. Using a concrete pumping truck helps to ensure that the finished result is smooth and precise. Accurate concrete pouring saves money by ensuring that the concrete mix is delivered to the desired location without spills or human error, resulting in little waste. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that even though you have enough people to push around a lot of wheelbarrows, they can’t go over uneven or rocky ground that might be around your pour site. Pumping trucks, on the other hand, can steadily deliver concrete to the desired location. Moreover, directly delivering the product removes a step in the transportation chain. As a result, there are limited possibilities to waste time and resources.

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Improved strength and quality

Compared to other methods of concrete pouring, using concrete pumping trucks, less water is required in the mix for delivering the ready mix concrete to its desired location. Since there is less water in the concrete, the mixture is less likely to exhibit faults like cracks or shrinks upon its placement on the site. Moreover, as the mixture will not be contaminated by dirt or mud, its quality will be maintained. This, in the end, maintains the concrete’s strength, giving you a high-quality and durable mix. Long-term repair and maintenance costs are lower for buildings made of this stronger concrete. In other words, opting for a concrete pumping truck saves you a lot of money over time.

Safe for the workers

In contrast to workers involved in typical methods of mixing and transporting ready-mix concrete, the laborers who operate a concrete pump are more safeguarded. Concrete pumping eliminates the need for heavy lifting and reduces the risk of accidents that might result in serious injury.

In a worst-case scenario, a mixer truck could get trapped on the soft, muddy terrain. Spending on a tow truck to pull out the stuck concrete mixer from the construction site is never an option. Concrete pumps may therefore be used to avoid fatalities since they can still be used to deliver the concrete wherever it is required.

Independent of weather conditions 

Traditional pouring methods, such as wheelbarrows and cranes, require light for safe movement and operation. With concrete pumping trucks, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about the weather once they are set in position. Even in the absence of light, concrete placement can be carried out.

Employment on multiple projects

Last but not least, a single pumping truck may be used to pump concrete at multiple construction sites within a 15–20 km radius on the same day. It is possible to lower the cost of renting a ready mix pumping truck by using the same equipment at many locations.


In this booming era of advanced infrastructure technology, using concrete pumping trucks over traditional methods such as wheelbarrowing is definitely a smart move. Concrete pumping trucks can tackle any job, no matter how big or small. With the wide range of reach to any oddly positioned spot, the concrete pumping trucks can provide precision and excellence in the concrete pouring step. Furthermore, everyone participating in the construction project, including the contractor, laborers, and the property owner, benefits financially since labor costs get reduced significantly. Concrete pumping truck is, without a question, the most successful equipment for concrete placement, and it has had a significant impact on the construction industry.


What are the advantages of concrete pumping trucks over traditional pumping?

Ans: Concrete pumping truck lessens the hassle of concrete pouring by several folds and provides a quicker and more cost-effective solution.

Is concrete pumping really the most cost-effective option?

Ans: Yes. Using a concrete pumping truck cuts the cost in the long run by reducing the number of workers required and ensuring quality concrete.

How useful will a concrete pumping truck be in both small or large-scale construction projects?

Ans: Concrete pumping truck is already commonplace in large-scale construction sites, also laying the foundations for small-scale developers to opt for this approach.

How can the possibility of concrete cracks and shrinkage be prevented?

Ans: Employing concrete pumping trucks can benefit property owners in preventing concrete cracks and shrinkage, given that this method relies on less usage of water during mixing.

Can you rent a concrete pumping truck for a single day?

Ans: Yes. Concrete pumping trucks can be rented for both small or large projects for a single day, if necessary.

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