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How Ready Mix Concrete Is Revolutionizing Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh?

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How Ready Mix Concrete Is Revolutionizing Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh?

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How Ready Mix Concrete Is Revolutionizing Infrastructure Projects in Bangladesh?

In the not-so-distant past, it was commonplace to procure construction materials for various projects, including buildings. However, the introduction of the Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) supply system has significantly altered this landscape in recent times.

According to stakeholders, the growth of the construction sector, fueled by a surge in megaprojects, has incentivized major companies to enter the market. Individuals are increasingly opting for RMC due to its time-saving and hassle-free qualities.

The President of the Bangladesh Ready Mix Concrete Association (BRMCA), Md Abdul Awal, indicates that the monthly demand for RMC is currently estimated at approximately 2-2.5 crore cubic feet (cft). Furthermore, he notes that the market is expanding at a rate of 5%-10% annually.

What are the revolutionizing factors?

Consistent Quality

A standout benefit of Ready Mix Cement lies in its consistent quality. Crafted within controlled environments using precise formulations and premium materials, each batch of Ready Mix Cement guarantees uniform strength and quality. 

This stands in stark contrast to on-site mixed concrete, which often suffers from variations in material proportions, water-cement ratios, and mixing methodologies. With Ready Mix Cement, stakeholders can rely on unwavering quality assurance, facilitating seamless project planning and execution.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Ready Mix Cement presents notable time and cost savings for infrastructure ventures. On-site mixing demands extensive labor, time, and equipment resources, from cement mixers to storage facilities. 

In contrast, Ready Mix Cement arrives at project sites via mixer trucks, bypassing the need for on-site blending and trimming labor costs. Additionally, the precision in measurement and consistency in quality minimize material wastage, optimizing expenditure.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With Ready Mix Cement, operational efficiency receives a significant boost. Contractors can expedite concrete pouring and finishing, streamlining project timelines. Unlike on-site mixing, which necessitates preparatory phases like batching plant setup and material arrangement, Ready Mix Cement’s direct delivery via mixer trucks cuts down on pre-work and cleanup time.

Furthermore, Ready Mix Cement can be tailored to meet specific project requisites, encompassing strength, durability, and workability, thus fostering enhanced operational flexibility.

Environmental Sustainability

Ready Mix Cement plays a pivotal role in mitigating environmental impact within construction endeavors. On-site mixing often leads to water wastage and ecological harm due to excessive water consumption.

Additionally, the transportation of raw materials and equipment contributes to carbon emissions and pollution. Ready Mix Cement’s controlled manufacturing process minimizes water usage, while efficient transportation practices reduce fuel consumption and emissions, collectively fostering a greener construction ecosystem.

Elevated Safety Standards

Safety is paramount in construction, and Ready Mix Cement significantly elevates safety standards on project sites. On-site mixing operations entail inherent risks associated with labor-intensive processes and material handling.

Conversely, Ready Mix Cement’s controlled production environment mitigates these risks, minimizing accidents and injuries. Equipped with advanced safety features such as backup cameras and alarms, mixer trucks ensure secure concrete delivery, further enhancing on-site safety protocols.

As Bangladesh’s infrastructure landscape continues to evolve, the adoption of Ready Mix Cement spearheaded by Mir Ready Mix promises to redefine construction paradigms, offering efficiency, sustainability, and safety in equal measure.


Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC) represents a transformative approach to concrete production, offering a convenient, high-quality solution for large-scale projects in Bangladesh and beyond. Despite its initial unfamiliarity to the general public, RMC has gained traction due to its inherent advantages.

In Bangladesh, the presence of numerous RMC producers reflects its growing acceptance and ability to meet the demands of various construction endeavors. The superior quality and consistency of RMC, achieved through controlled batching in plant environments, contribute significantly to the strength and durability of structures.

Furthermore, its role in reducing noise and air pollution underscores its environmental benefits. While RMC may entail a higher cost, its benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability make it a preferred choice for modern infrastructure projects in Bangladesh, signaling a promising shift in construction practices towards enhanced performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is ready-mix concrete good for construction?

RMC lowers noise and air pollution on construction sites. Reduces waste of fundamental building materials on-site. Reduce the amount of time spent mixing concrete to speed up the construction process. No delays in finishing large projects.

What is ready-mix concrete in concrete technology?

Ready-mix concrete (RMC) is concrete that is made in a batch factory to precise task specifications and then delivered to the job site “ready to use”. 1.6 cubic meter transit mixer. A tiny batching facility for local modest deliveries. The inside of a volumetric mixer.

What is the methodology of ready-mix concrete?

Concrete is mixed in a central mixing plant with a stationary mixer. The concrete is subsequently transported to the transporting truck. A truck mixing facility loads all unmixed dry components into a truck mixer. Water is added and mixed in the mixing truck.

Is RMC better than manual concrete?

A quality RMC company, such as Mir Ready-Mix, provides you with superior quality and an exact blend of components. Water mixing is also important, and RMC ensures that the mortar is mixed correctly. On-site, the contractor mixes it according to his experience. RMC saves a lot of time because it is a quick and simple operation.

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