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How to Find a Reliable Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) Supplier in Bangladesh

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How to Find a Reliable Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) Supplier in Bangladesh

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The demand for Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC), given its various advantages, has been on the rise for years now. To meet the rising demand, the number of suppliers of RMC is also increasing. There are many things to consider before choosing Ready-Mix Concrete for your construction project. However, finding the supplier is one of the most important things to consider. As the number of suppliers is increasing, finding a reliable RMC supplier can prove to be a very daunting task. The industry is saturated with numerous options to pick from. Hence, choosing the right RMC supplier is often frustrating. If you are new to the construction industry, it is natural for you to get confused. Whether you are a developer or a homeowner, if you are looking for an RMC supplier, you have to consider several important attributes. Here’s a brief guide about the attributes of a reliable Ready-Mix Concrete supplier

Superior Quality 

The first agenda on the checklist of choosing a reliable RMC supplier is the quality of RMC. As a developer or a homeowner, it is your primary responsibility to you pick the best material for the construction of your project. You must conduct a proper inspection and ensure your chosen RMC is reliable. The quality of the building structure, consistency, and strength will heavily depend upon the Ready-Mix Concrete that you pick. Each construction project has unique requirements. You have to make sure that your RMC supplier not only delivers the superior quality of RMC but also can meet your unique needs in demand. 

As there are many players in the market, the pricing is very competitive. Many small RMC supplier companies will try to offer you a lower price than the big fish of the industry. However, when it comes to construction, one simply cannot compromise the quality for a lower price. In most cases, these small RMC supplier companies produce lower quality RMC to cut the production cost. Hence, even if they offer better pricing, their products are often subpar. So, you have to find the suppliers in the industry who provide the best quality RMC. Once you make a list of suppliers with superior quality RMC, you contact them to learn about their pricing. Later, you pick the supplier that offers you the best RMC but at a lower price than the rest of the top suppliers. 

Customer Service 

Some may think customer service is not a priority when it comes to construction materials. But in reality, customer service can make a great difference. Construction projects are always unpredictable. Often, the site manager will run into new and unique problems. Quick service in such times can make a great difference. A reliable RMC supplier will not only provide a greater quality product but also be available to provide great customer service. They will respond to your needs in the quickest time. Moreover, they will offer their assistance in any construction-related issues. 

In-Time Delivery 

A construction project maintains a very strict timetable. The initial budget of the entire project is prepared based on a set timetable. Hence, for each extra day, the various costs add up. Apart from cost increases, delays in the construction projects may bring numerous additional problems as well. For example, a developer has to finish the building in time. Otherwise, the owners will be unhappy and may decide to decrease the payment. Homeowners build houses with prior plans in their minds. Hence, if a delay occurs, their plans get distorted. Considering all these issues, both developers and homeowners try their best to avoid any delay in their projects. 

This is why you need a supplier that you can trust with timely delivery. Nowadays, it is very common for suppliers to fail to deliver on the due date. Hence, before deciding upon your supplier, ensure the supplier has got a good reputation when it comes to delivery. Make an agreement if necessary to ensure your timely delivery. Because RMC is a crucial material, and if you do not receive it in time, your construction work will not proceed any further. 

Technology & Vehicles 

Like every other thing in our modern life that has been improving each day with newer technology, the production of RMC has reached a new height. Modern machines can produce the best quality RMC. The entire production is monitored via computer and maintains a constant level of quality in each concrete batch plant. It is important that your supplier has the modern technology planted in the RMC production site. Modern technology will not only ensure a greater quality but can also cater to your specific demands. You can add specific materials as we wish to create the mix you desire for your construction site. Moreover, automated production will ensure minimum corruption in the mix, and the RMC will be able to hold the quality for a longer period of time. 

Your supplier must have enough vehicles in its arsenal. Certain vehicles, such as the Ready-Mix Concrete pumping truck will add benefits to your construction project. A supplier will cater to multiple customers at once. Hence, if there are fewer vehicles in the garage, a situation may arise where your supplier will not be able to deliver in time because of no available vehicle in the garage. Hence, before deciding upon your RMC supplier, make sure there are enough vehicles in the car to meet your demands as they arise. 


The distance between the construction site and the supplier’s production site is a crucial factor to consider before choosing a reliable RMC supplier. Because the Readymade concrete must be delivered within a certain period of time for the construction. The RMC can maintain its quality for a specific amount of time. Especially in hot weather, pouring RMC within the shortest amount of time becomes critical. Afterward, the quality starts to degrade and causes various issues while pouring to the site. In addition, if the supplier is far away from the construction site, the delivery cost will greatly increase. It will make the entire project much more expensive. Hence, it would be wise to choose a supplier that is closer to the construction site. 

Expert Employees

The production of RMC follows a very strict and clinical procedure. The quality has to remain constant in each batch of RMC prepared. Each material is used in an accurate measure. Otherwise, the quality of the product will greatly decline. Hence, an expert crew is required for the production of quality RMC. Before deciding upon the supplier, you should check the expertise level of the crew in the production house. If the crew has years of experience, you are more likely to receive a constant quality in your RMC 


A successful construction project relies heavily on the effective use of the budget. The developer or the homeowner must find and choose the option in each stage of construction that will provide the most value for its price. The same goes for RMC suppliers as well. You have to pick the supplier that will provide you with the best quality RMC but at a competitive price. It can be a hard task, but with proper research and negotiation, you can find the optimum supplier for your construction project. 


The construction industry in Bangladesh is growing. The popularity of Pre-Mix Concrete among the concrete suppliers in Bangladesh is also rising. However, the industry is still relatively connected. If you want to learn about a certain supplier and their past customers’ reviews, you can obtain that information by asking around within the industry. Construction projects usually have a very large budget. Hence, you should be wary of how you are spending the budget. If you choose a supplier with a bad reputation in the industry, you may end up regretting your decision. The supplier may provide low-quality RMC or may fail to deliver in time. Such occurrences will greatly hamper the proceedings of the construction project along with extra financial expenses. Hence, before deciding upon your supplier, make sure the supplier has a good reputation in the industry regarding customer satisfaction. 

Environment Friendly

We live at a time when we cannot help ourselves to be conscious of our environment. Considering the rapid change in nature over the last decade, we must be careful about our decisions and ensure we always choose the eco-friendly option. Pre-Mix Concrete also has few environmental impacts. However, with the right materials and proper use of technology, we can mitigate the environmental impact to a certain level. If you want to create an eco-friendly construction site, you may choose suppliers who follow the rules and regulations to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. 


The decision of picking a reliable supplier for Ready Mixed Concrete cannot be taken hurriedly. You should ensure your supplier has the above-mentioned attributes. Take your time to research the available suppliers who are in close proximity to the construction site. Once you have short-listed the possible candidates, ensure their quality of RMC. Make sure they are well-equipped with modern technology. Furthermore, they should be ample vehicles to transport the RMC to the construction and make delivery in time. Find their reputation in the industry as well—good reputation matters when it comes to the construction industry. Lastly, negotiate the deal to set a competitive price that will be cost-effective for the project. 


What type of concrete is the eco-friendliest concrete?

Ans: Ready-mix concrete is the eco-friendliest as it has a carbon footprint of less than fifteen percent of ordinary Portland cement. 

How to learn about the reputation of suppliers of RMC in Bangladesh?

Ans: You can look for customer reviews on their websites or social media pages to get an idea about customer satisfaction levels. You can also ask around in the industry to get a better picture of the reputation of a certain RMC supplier. 

What is the name of the vehicles that suppliers use to deliver RMC to the construction sites?

Ans: Suppliers use a special truck called Transit Mixer to deliver RMC to the construction sites. 

Can I export RMC from foreign countries?

Ans: Technically, you can export RMC. However, it will not be a viable decision as the cost of the overall construction project will rise significantly. 

Can I use multiple suppliers of RMC for my construction project?

Ans: You can use more than one RMC supplier. But you will face the risk of varying in quality in different suppliers. If you can ensure similar quality, you can use as many suppliers as you want.'
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